The Infant Program cares for children ages 4 months – 24 months. With a ratio of one adult to three infants under 12 months of age, our teachers are there for every crawl, step and tumble.  In the Young Infant Center, we primarily focus on meeting the daily needs of our infants.  Together, we build the trust and emotional security that comes when infants learn that these needs are met through daily interaction with responsive, affectionate adults.  This crucial relationship between child and teacher lays the foundation for further development of language, motor and self-help skills. Once children reach 12 months, can walk and eat independently, they transition into our Older Infant Classroom. The ratio is 1 adult for every 4 children and our developing infants work on gross and fine motor development, language development and independence. The bond between teacher and child continues to develop and grow, while new friendships with peers begin to develop and thrive.

Our Infant Center is a well designed environment prepared entirely for the discovery of our youngest students.  MMI provides a nurturing and secure environment where young children can do what they do best, explore everything!  At this age, children interact with the world through tactile and visual stimulation. The prepared classroom is characterized by order, simplicity and beauty; it is set up as a padded play area to allow for unrestrictive movement.  Special attention is given to the development of expressive and comprehensive language skills. Teachers reinforce understanding by combining words, tone, inflection and body language.

Our infants enjoy a full program of age-appropriate activities such as exploring the specially prepared environment, reading books, listening to music, having tummy time and snuggle time.  The daily parent communication sheet informs you of your child’s feeding, sleeping and diaper changing schedule, as well as any special activities or milestones that occurred that day.  Weather permitting; our infants are taken outside twice daily onto a fully covered play area for fresh air and exercise.